Prison Reform Important

Why Is Prison Reform Important?

Prison reform has been promoted throughout the years especially in developing countries. Why? Because in those countries, imprisonment bring more negative impacts rather than positive ones. There are many factors causing imprisonment not an effective form of criminal justice system. The main problem is economic issues. In countries that lack of human and financial resources, prison is the worst possible place after playing at situs dadu online  . It is the cruelest nightmare that can turn people into worse individuals than before they enter the prison.

Prison Reform Important
Kim Kardashian arrives at White House for Prison Reform

In developing countries, prison reforms are promoted strongly as to bring positive impact of the imprisonment to the individuals, families, and society. Remember that the main purposes of prison is for retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. The purposes are clear enough to bring positive impacts. However, it doesn’t always bring positive impacts in reality especially in developing countries. More often than not, imprisonment bring other problems such as public health, poverty, social detrimental, and human rights deprivation.

Prisons are supposed to make criminals pay their debt to the society. They are supposed to be the place where criminals redeem their mistakes. Thus, they will be able to as productive and better individual. However, it is not what always happen in reality. In most developing countries, imprisonment make individuals lose their human rights. They are not treated as human sometimes. Imprisonment also bring more poverty especially when the one being imprisoned is income generator of their families. It brings another issue in the society which can lead to another crimes.

Prison Reform Important
Bernie Sanders Unveils Reform Plan

Imprisonment in most developing countries also often bring public health issues which not only put individuals in worse condition but also put prison staffs at high risk of catching diseases. Prisons are not meant to be a place to deprive individuals from their rights to have medical aid. Therefore, prison should provide sufficient medical facility. Along with that, a prison should improve sanitation, ventilation, and general system. That’s when prison reform is needed.

Imprisonment also weaken social cohesion and disrupts relationships. Family structure is significantly affected when there is a member of them who is imprisoned.  The relationships between parents and children or spouses are affected. It is such a hard time to reshape and fix such a long term relationship. Prison reform is also important to reduce or minimize the cost of imprisonment especially the indirect ones such as the economic, social, and healthcare related costs. They are more difficult and immense to measure.

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