Prison Reform Programs

Types of Prison Reform Programs

One of the agendas of prison reform is to develop effective programs for prisoners. The programs help prisoners to get new knowledge and skills. Later, they can use the new knowledge and skills to get a better future after leaving prison.

Academic Education 

The governments that apply prison reform often develop academic education programs. The education programs include adult basic education, General Education Development certification, the high school diploma program, and other educational programs. Prisoners can continue their studies and do something useful during their time in prison. They can use the knowledge, certifications, and degree to find a job after leaving prison.

Career Technical Education 

Career Technical Education or CTE is one of the common prison reform programs. In this program, prisoners learn and improve their skills in auto repair, carpentry, and Mansory. They can use new skills to find a better job. It also shows to the people that they have done positive and useful activities during the time in prison.

Career Technical Education
Career Technical Education

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or CBT has an important role in prison. This program helps prisoners to change their criminal behavior into a better one. CBT program is a valuable thing for prisoners with bad anger management, stress, depression, under pressure, addiction, and anxiety disorder, and many others. The goal of this program is to reduce the negative impact that leads to recidivism. Prisoners don’t have to get back to the same criminal case and get a new life when they graduate from this program and leave prison.

Employment Preparation 

Most prisoners want to have a better future. They may need a job after moving out of prison. It will be hard for them to get a job without any skills and knowledge. Prison reform tries to facilitate prisoners to get skills and knowledge by following the employment preparation program. Prisoners will join classes to improve their skills, ability, and knowledge that they can use to find a job. They can learn so many things, including effective job search techniques and job readiness. They will also learn the transition to get back into society well.

Employment Preparation 
Employment Preparation

Substance Use Disorder Treatment 

Some prisoners may be addicted to particular substances. It will be hard for them to join any programs with that condition. The aim of prison reform is also to help them to solve their addiction problem. Prisoners who are addicted to a particular substance must join a program known as Substance Use Disorder Treatment or SUDT. The purpose of this program is to avoid relapse and help them to get back into society. The most important thing, they can free from the substance addiction program and live healthier than before. As a result, they can concentrate on managing their future well.

The government tries to develop effective programs to support prison reform. It expects that those programs give new hope for the prisoners, especially when they have to face society. They understand what they must do to live better than before. They can also do something from themselves, family, friends, and society.

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