Purposes of Putting Criminals in Prison

The Purposes of Putting Criminals in Prison

There has been prison reform issues going on right now. However, it is not something new. Prison reforms have been going on even from the 18th Century. In the past, prison was just solely a place to put criminals and isolate them from society because they were seen as threats for others. The system in the past was also not so effective in reducing criminal acts even though harsh punishments were applied to the individual who committed crimes. Aside from being imprisoned in a jail from playing dadu online, individual who committed crimes received another harsh punishment such as whipping, labor, etc. The main purpose of punishment was solely to let criminals pay for their acts by receiving the equivalent type of harms. For example, murderers were punished by conducting public execution.

Purposes of Putting Criminals in Prison
Purposes of Putting Criminals in Prison

As for today, the system in the prison has improved due to various reforms. Prison is no longer a place to isolate criminals from society. It has other purposes.

Other Purposes

Criminals are seen a threat for others as well as for themselves. Thus, they need to be separated from society as to not bring any harm to others or themselves. Subjecting criminals to be placed in a prison is also seen as rehabilitation process for them. By putting them in jail, they are expected to get repaired from their deficiencies as individuals. Therefore, they are expected to be fixed and productive in the time they return to the society after finishing their sentence.

Purposes of Putting Criminals in Prison
learned and more productive when they are released

In prison, criminals are not only isolated but educated to be better person. They are also taught various work skills so they will be productive members of society. They are also expected to learn how to treat others with respects. Also, the system in the prison stress self-discipline. The removal of criminals from society is also to keep them away from potential victims so further crimes can be prevented.

Today, not all criminals receive the same punishment. There are various considerations to decide what kind of punishment fit for criminal and their acts.  For example, younger criminals who are underage who committed less severe crimes are not placed in usual prisons. Instead, they are most likely to be admitted to reform schools or boot camps. They are not meant to be isolated from the society but to receive proper training and education as well as therapy. This way, the youngster are expected to know what wrong and right and can live better when they return to the society.

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