purpose of imprisonment

Prison Reform And Strategic Programs

It has been known that justice system is still ineffective. The purpose of imprisonment is to deter crime and exemplify to people. Prisons are supposed to be a place of retribution, deterrence, rehabilitation, and incapacitation. However, there are issues that make the goals of imprisonment still hard to reach such as human rights. In reality, the numbers of individuals who are imprisoned keep increasing each year. Individuals who are released from prisons often face more challenges regarding to the social and practical grounds. Rejoining the community is not as easy as it looks especially when they are lack of practical skills and education.

purpose of imprisonment
purpose of imprisonment

Importance of Prison Reform

Prison reform is necessary to achieve rehabilitation as well as increase public safety. However, the strategies that have been used are still ineffective. Lots of those who have been released from the prison end up being rearrested in the future eg: from playing judi online Thus, public demand for changes in prison and imprisonment system. Effective justice system is not easy to achieve. Protecting and enhancing public safety is challenging especially when it has to be done while respecting human dignity.

Through prison reform, it is expected to create a constructive culture within prison system. Things that need to be address and stressed in prison system are behavior, attitudes, lifestyles, as well as personal self-control and responsibility. However, there are always challenges in achieving those goals through prison reforms. The first obstacle is to provide accessible programs that can help individuals in prison to gain knowledge, skills, positive values, and job training. Another main obstacle is to revise policies to ensure the existence of minimal barriers to maintain positive community relationships.

purpose of imprisonment
Life after Prison

Prison reform has goal to provide opportunities to individuals to gain productive skills as well as equip them with positive relationships values. Those are hopefully able to help them reach their potential during the transition of their return to their community.

Another goal of prison reform is to create constructive culture during the time of incarceration. It can be achieved through prison programming that provide an imprisoned individuals with crucial skills as well as character development and education. Thus, they are expected to have more opportunities to be successful when leaving the prison. There are various programs proposed through prison reforms such as employment programs, workforce development, family management classes, life skills, religious programming, mental health, and substance abuse support. Thus, a prison is expected to host programs by providing community organizations.

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